About Tinnitus: Ringing in Ear

What is tinnitus?

Essentially, tinnitus is a fancy word for ringing in the ears. An estimated 50 million people suffer from some degree of tinnitus. We think that’s worth talking about.

From a more technical standpoint, tinnitus is the perception of sound in the ears or head where no external sound is present. It is not a disease, but a sign that your inner ear is not functioning properly. 

What does tinnitus sound like?

The sound is subjective, since only the person with the condition can actually hear it. The most common description is a constant ear ringing, but others have described it as a whooshing and pulsing sensation, or a buzzing or chirping sound.

The sound’s pitch can also vary from person to person, from high to low, or even both. Ironically, tinnitus can even occur in those who are completely deaf.

Explore the sounds of tinnitus here.

How is tinnitus diagnosed?

Since the condition is difficult to describe to someone not experiencing it, tinnitus can be difficult to diagnose. Some tests can be done to eliminate other causes of ear ringing, but there isn’t one test that will determine if you have tinnitus. Find more information to help you prepare for your doctor appointment here.

Is tinnitus permanent?

Well, it can be a temporary condition or a permanent one. Some sufferers experience constant ear ringing 24/7. The noise can interrupt sleep, disrupt concentration and can even make ordinary conversations difficult.

Knowing this, it makes sense that tinnitus can also cause psychological strains and impact personal relationships, particularly if a family member or friend does not seem sympathetic to the condition (since it isn’t something they understand or hear themselves).

Who is most likely to have tinnitus?

Tinnitus can affect people of all ages, but is most common among those over 50, or people who have worked in especially loud environments (such as veterans, musicians, factory workers, construction workers, etc.). Hunters and shooting sport enthusiasts are particularly vulnerable.  

Will the ear ringing change over time?

Tinnitus can worsen over time, but this varies based on each individual case.

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

While there is no single cure for tinnitus, most patients using Lipo-Flavonoid® Plus as a dietary supplement that combined with other treatment suggestions coming from their physicians find signifigant relief. Let us help you alleviate some of the frustration that comes with tinnitus. From managing the condition, to finding tips for ear health, even to helping you talk to your doctor, we’re here to help.