Reviews from Ear Doctors and Medical Professionals

From ear nose and throat doctors (ENTs) to general practitioners, many medical professionals have discovered the relief Lipo-Flavonoid Plus can provide. Read their recommendations here.

  • I am currently a clinical/dispensing audiologist that works in partnership with ENTs. My background is Clinical Audiology, Applied and Basic Research starting with the University of Toronto, Toronto General Hospital and the Canadian Hearing Society.

    Lipo-Flavonoid was sent as samples to two of the ENT offices where I practice. Neither ENT was especially interested in trying the product, but I decided to do a clinical trial on myself having documented bilateral cochlear loss with tinnitus.

    My high frequency cochlear hearing loss is from noise exposure acquired driving heavy equipment in a family business prior to university. There is intermittent tinnitus, more pronounced in the left than the right, which is consistent with a NIHL. The high frequencies in the left were down 35 db at 3K, 50 db at 4K and 65 at 8K. The right ear pattern was similar but 10 to 15 db better. The high pitched ringing tinnitus has only become a noticeable problem in the last 2 years. I am an otherwise healthy person.

    After 2 months of intermittent use of Lipo-Flavonoid, I retested my hearing and found my hearing at 3K and 4K in both ears has improved to 25 db at 3K and 30 db at 4K and 50 db at 8K and what appears to be a reduction in the amount of tinnitus. This testing followed a noticeable reduction in my difficulties hearing females and children in background noise.

    This may not sound like much of an improvement, but is significant as it means the difference between having to use hearing aids to function in noisy environments and not having to use them. The hearing aids I was using were Starkey 1600 CIC with IROS vents and were working very well. My wife has noticed the improvement in hearing without the use of hearing aids.

    There is always the very remote possibility that my hearing could have improved without medication, but in my 30 years experience in audiology, it rarely happens in long standing stable cochlear hearing loss, particularly males.

    -Errol D.; Audiologist
  • Most of us continue to use Lipo-Flavonoid. We have found it to be quite beneficial in the treatment of the incapacitating dizziness. Our dosage is 2 capsules, three times a day, and we usually use it for an indefinite period and have been quite impressed.

    -Thomas M.; M.D. Professor & Chairman, Dept. of Otolaryngology
  • I have had excellent results with my patients that were treated with Lipo-Flavonoid Plus. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue offering these samples to our patients suffering from tinnitus.

    -Syed A.; M.D. ENT
  • Many of my patients have reported positive results after use! Please send more samples.



    This is the 2nd time I am writing to tell you how much my patients appreciate your samples and how many have gone on to use your product (including my uncle!).

    Thanks again!

    -Pamela A.; MSCCC-A Audiologist